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Peace Officers

Is everything getting really "politically correct" these days? This comes after a day of interviewing a potential employment candidate and having a discussion about political correctness. Ever since people started using "vertically challenged" instead of "short," I've felt the country go into a steady vocabular decline. So, introduction aside, I finally got my license plate (which I will be replacing with a vanity plate soon, entry on ideas to come) and verified registration. Because I'm usually interested in what the government has to say about certain things *cough* I decided to read everything that was in the envelope.

So I turned the registration over and found the following:

This card or a copy shall be kept in the vehicle for which it was issued. This requirement does not apply when the vehicle is left unattended. It need not be displayed, however, it must be presented to any peace officer upon demand.

Here's another "since when?" for you. Since when did we start calling these men of the law, peace officers? Did I miss the memo? For some reason, not that I don't respect the police, but I wonder why I have an eerie feeling when I say "peace officer." Anyway, eat that and enjoy it as I bid good night.

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