The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).

Pressing for Change

Right now, I'm staring at my screen, wondering what to say. But when I say that, it's like you know what's coming. So, in preparation for this, I suggest you read slowly and with an open mind.

Did you like die or something?

Then, I wouldn't be here writing this would I? But yes, something died today. Whether or not that death affects me, or rather, the magnitude of that death affecting me is still up for interpretation. Anyway, as of today, Automattic and I are parting ways. Thinking about it now, I see the reason being a more fundamental one. The way I work just didn't fit with their expectations. I could get into how the expectations for designers and programmers differ, or how using Trac to measure output might not be the best way to track my progress. Honestly, that would do nothing for the situation. It was an awesome four months working with some of the smartest minds in the business. I know they'll get far.

At any rate, the journey continues; and so I go back to Revyver and dust things off.

Wait, about that Shuttle thing.

One of my final requests was that I would be able to finish what I started with the Shuttle Project, Atlantis, or whatever I called it. The name doesn't matter now, what matters now is that I fulfilled my promise to all of you. I have a bunch of mock ups of what I feel should grace the next major version of WordPress.

Whether or not they accept that request is completely up to them, they now have a spectacular designer in Matt Thomas that could surely do loads better than I could (he has done all of the identity work for the company up to this point, leading me to question why they didn't hire him first); and has been a pleasure to work with in the short time I was able to. In the end, that's all up to them.

What's next for you then?

I think to myself, maybe I was never meant to work for somebody else. I mean, maybe I cursed myself when I took entrepreneurship in college. Maybe the fact that I got a low grade on the "has trouble with authority" question when I applied at Dave & Busters in college is catching up with me.

Maybe this is a sign that it's time to make Avalonstar a full-time gig. I don't know to be honest. But at any rate, you all have seen what I can do, what I have done and what could be out there for me. Whether or not this'll change your opinion of me is up to you, but I'll still keep designing and trying my hardest to wow all of you. That's a fact that will never change.

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