There is a saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But on the other hand, “a word can describe a thousand pictures.” […] These are the words of life, love, experience and inspiration.

Way back in 2002, when avalonstar.net was still running the show, I started jotting down quotes. Just a series of short phrases that came to mind as I journeyed (or slacked off) through college. Actually, I wonder if a bunch of them still apply today. Those that have been following along since then will remember these and I hope they can still be considered “originals.” Enjoy.

  • Envision success.
  • Questions are never stupid, but in excess, can drive you nuts.
  • If you are experienced at what you do, stay with it and perfect it.
  • You are the boss of you, let nobody tell you otherwise.
  • Some people say I dream too much, then I ask, “Why don’t you?”
  • Show respect by listening, not by getting in the last word.
  • People would rather criticize an action, than do it themselves.
  • Bad friends are like bad cars, after a few months, they’re unreliable.
  • A person with no culture, is a person with no depth or definition.
  • A person who doesn’t respect, doesn’t deserve to be respected.
  • I don’t hate the word “love,” I hate how it’s used.
  • Never give up, never give in, never settle for less than perfection.
  • All people are creative, because we all have the ability to create.
  • Don’t be afraid to be different, that’s how people remember you.
  • If it wasn’t for my friends, my world would be a dark place.
  • Children who don’t respect their parents, won’t respect their own.
  • They say knowledge is power. Power is the use of that knowledge.
  • When was the last time you saw something positive on the 6PM news?
  • Use your power to inspire others, and in turn they will inspire you.
  • Anticipation can be the most nerve-wrenching times of your life.
  • The times that you are truly happy, are the ones that drive you to tomorrow.
  • The feeling of being lonely, is one of the few that can eat you alive.
  • Live by the will of your dreams, not the limits of reality.
  • What do you do when the person who gives advice can’t help himself?
  • Never take no for an answer, but always know why they thought that way.
  • Dreams are hard things to decipher, but in the right hands, they can bloom.