The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).


About a month ago, after the Facebook fiasco, I said that I had a few things up my sleeve. Well, this is one of them. Actually, it was the only thing I managed to finish by my self-imposed July 1st deadline. So, Revyver (revyver) is the name of my new company but it's not just a design company, nor will it be just a design company.

The Revyver Logo

Revyver stands for many things as it is derived from the word "revive". The revival of my entrepreneurial spirit (caused by the events of late) and the will to revive things that have been lost in time. Also, I'm a sucker for palindromes (try spelling revyver backwards). I have to thank Anton Peck for the awesome job he did on Revyver's logo, in such short of a time as well. The site itself? Well, it's definitely a style that one wouldn't normally attribute with me, but I did want to show that I do have the capacity to jump like this. I kept it one page because I really don't have enough content yet to be honest.


So now the flood gates have opened, I just have to decide if I need another week to finish the other projects that are up my sleeve. I would have loved to have them all out for you today, but I'm happy that I was able to finish this one first.

Welcome to the end of the beginning. :)

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