The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).

Saying Goodbye

I don't think I've ever been attached to a layout as much as I have this one. And now, with less than 24 hours before the May 1st Reboot, I'm starting to feel a bit nostalgic. It's been 293 days since I launched this version back in July, and then another 180 days since I ripped the fruit off for eggrolls (which I seem to be oddly tied to these days). In all my years of designing, I don't think I've ever been tied so closely to Avalonstar and it's design, I think it's because of my situation. Really, I wouldn't have asked for it to happen in any other manner. I've met so many great people and made some truly awesome friends just by putting a design up (and accompanying it with content) that I happened to like.

If you were to ask me which was my favorite before all of this happened, I would have cited a design I made back in 2002, a few actually. But that's changed. These versions have touched so many as being unique, but cool in the same way. Don't ask me why, the whole thing was just one giant accident that happened to turn into what you see now. But it always happens that way with me, and the design that will replace this one was created in the same manner.

But now it's time to say goodbye to these 20th and 21st versions of Avalonstar. Tomorrow (or possibly earlier than that), you'll be waking up to version 22, "The Aries Project". Believe me, it's a change from what you see now, but it may not trump the one you see before you. That judgement is up to you, but whether or not you find bliss with the upcoming version - hopefully you'll always have a place in your heart for this.

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