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The Vanity Plate Bit

So on the subject of Burnout Revenge, takedowns, shunts, crashbreakers and eliminators; let's talk about vanity (or personalized) plates! (My bad, I've been playing that game all day.)

Ever since I stepped foot into my RX-8, the one question lingering in my mind (besides what to wax it with and what parts to mod first), was what vanity plate I could get it. First, for the uninformed, the vanity plate is pretty much a customized license plate, like the one you see above. Now, here's my problem. For those of you that met me last week (and those of you who've known me for a lifetime) then you'll realize that this is just another case of me being indecisive. So thoughts go through my head.

Is that plate too cheesy? Will you be able to see the flowers with the license plate cover on? Man, I have no idea what else to put there.

So I'm looking to you wonderful creatives for help. If you like the straightforward "AVALON*" plate, please say so. However, if you have another suggestion for me, please remember that it can only be seven alphanumeric characters (one space can be put between letters if you're going for two words and won't take away from the 7 allotted spaces). If you want to go even farther and feel like testing out your selection, you can visit California's vanity plate creator.

I believe I don't have to say that I'll only be taking serious suggestions and that any tendencies to act like an asshole will be dealt with promptly. So with that said, thanks in advance!

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