Wishing for a Wash.

A good car always needs a good wash.

Now unfortunately, that hasn’t been happening lately. I remember when I first came up to San Jose and asked a few people about the weather. They had said “from experience” that it doesn’t rain much in the Bay Area. I’ve been learning differently in the past few months. Like a lot of car owners, I hate rain, for my car’s sake of course. This is because on the same token, I hate rust. Even though it’s the inevitable process known as oxidation, I still hate it try to slow the process down as much as I can. But that’s not even the half of it.

The other half of this story is the timing of all the rain. This relates to when I’d decide to get a car wash. What I usually do is try and predict how many days it’ll be sunny and obviously on the first day of that span, I’ll get my car washed. But since weather isn’t a perfect science by any means (and believe me, I used to be a meteorologist for my high school), having my car rained on a day or two after getting it washed. I haven’t been able to go lately because the rain has all but monopolized the week’s weather.

I know I’m not the only one that hates waking up to water spots in the morning, but during the winter months, it’s an annoyance one can’t avoid. But I wonder if I’m being a little too obsessive.