A Kitty Break.

I was going to write something on a more serious note today, but I was uploading some pictures from my camera and ran into two that I really liked. So, I’ll share them with you all:


(The Whore)

Willow & Sakura Iro


(The Bully)

Ravyn & The Ribbon (Part 2)

It’s pretty much a given now that I’m a cat lover and I have four cats to prove it, and I’ve talked about my “children” a few times before. You never realize how much of an effect a pet has on your life until you get one - or four. Even though I love, and torture, all of my cats equally - there’s something about those two that strikes me as special. Maybe because they’re so odd, or maybe because they were my first pets (We got them within a few weeks of each other). Maybe because I’ve practiced taking photos of these two more than the other two cats (Willow especially is very photogenic).

But as weird as it may sound, I do what I do not only for Jen, but for those 4 bundles of joy.

It’s worth it, really. :)