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Revyver Grows By One

A lot has been going on with respect to Revyver lately. A lot of rearranging, a little designing here and there, an event or two, and quite a bit of programming.

In fact, (I guess you can call this a pseudo-official announcement), I released my first application under the Revyver brand which goes by the name of Wii SportsStar. If you've been following me on Twitter or got a shot of my Flickr stream lately, I've been slowly pushing the buzz train with the project, mainly because there are a few features that need to be implemented by the time I cut the ribbon. But I digress, I promise that I'll write a little more about my experience building WSS in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I do encourage you to sign up!

The real news here makes me a little happy inside. Well, a lot... happy, I guess you could say. Jen, my fiance, whom I've mentioned many times in this blog, has steadily been taking a more active role in my work. While in the past she's been a source of comfort and inspiration, more recently she's helped me with brainstorming, critique and many parts of the design process itself. For the people that went to the bowling extravaganza a few months ago, she was the reason you had busses, and all-in-all took on more than I would have expected her to.

So while we were brainstorming on the way home from our semi-weekly boba tea run, I thought to myself that Revyver is no longer the one person operation and that Jen deserves to be a part of the company that she's helping me build. Revyver is undergoing changes. No longer will design be the mainstay, but it will share the limelight with Avalonstar Events, Wii SportsStar and any future ventures the two of us think up. No, you won't see us trying to take down 37signals, but there hundreds of other markets out there that can benefit from the power that agile development provides, but ones nobody seems to pay much attention to.

It's a really exciting time, and with that said, I'm proud to bring Jen into Revyver.

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