The Return of ChaoticSoul.

This little theme has come a long way since I released it 10 months ago.

What started out as a Sunday project to make sure the Wayback Machine never ate version 12 of Avalonstar turned into something I could have never imagined. I’m definitely surprised as to how many variations of ChaoticSoul are out there and even more than that, how many people are using it. The last time I checked, it was the 4th most popular theme on under Binary Moon’s Regulus and the original Kubrick.

Now with the release of WordPress 2.1, I can finally release the version of ChoaticSoul that the members of get to use. This version includes a bunch of fixes (including working flawlessly in IE), as well as out-of-the-box widget support and support for 2.1’s new custom header system.