BASH-ing My Birthday.

Usually, I’d write a post related to adding one year onto my age and stuff like that. Twenty-five. Well, now I don’t have to pay the underage fee to rent a car anymore! And my insurance should go down right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I’m sure those posts were boring to everybody else but me, so here’s something completely different:

extract () {
    if [ -f $1 ] ; then
        case $1 in
            *.tar.bz2)  tar xjf $1      ;;
            *.tar.gz)   tar xzf $1      ;;
            *.bz2)      bunzip2 $1      ;;
            *.rar)      rar x $1        ;;
            *.gz)       gunzip $1       ;;
            *.tar)      tar xf $1       ;;
            *.tbz2)     tar xjf $1      ;;
            *.tgz)      tar xzf $1      ;;
            *.zip)      unzip $1        ;;
            *.Z)        uncompress $1   ;;
            *)          echo "'$1' cannot be extracted via extract()" ;;
        echo "'$1' is not a valid file"

This should go in your .bash_profilenow.

Did you do it yet? If you do have it, then isn’t it awesome? If not, then it’ll save you the hassle of trying to remember how to extract .tar, .tar.gz, bz2-whatever and .zip files on the command line! Sure, you might be a master with the tar zxvf stuff, but this is a must for those absent minded folk such as myself. :P

Well, with that I shall go celebrate being 25… and pondering how to get this geeky CLI feeling out of my system.