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Belated Eighth

Would one consider the number eight important? Well, if this were China, I guess 8 would be pretty lucky. If that's the case, then the year ahead holds a lot for this young child of a site.

Eight years. Besides say, DDR and Japanese RPGs, it's one of the only things that I haven't gotten tired of given the length of time I've been doing it. I've grown a lot and the site has grown just as much. Looking back, it really puts my cyclical nature into perspective. Rises and falls, peaks and troughs. Something I'm still trying to get back is the furor for blogging that I had back in 2006. It's been getting there, but I'm not satisfied yet. Sure, one could say that blogging in our industry is rendered irrelevant by the use of Twitter and other micro-blogging services. I can't let myself be happy with that.

I used to want Avalonstar to be like those great design blogs. I don't anymore. As an aside, it's sort of like how I've strayed the path of trying to be that great, intellectual speaker. Because I've realized not that. There are people in our industry who do that job exceptionally well. There are people who are masters of the written word and everybody will run to the well looking for more. That's not me. But I digress. I've learned that Bryan Veloso doesn't shine, Bryan Veloso's work shines, the person's just there to back it up. :)

If the 9th year ahead says anything, it'll be quite the interesting one. Interesting--in the fact that I've come to a point where I can't see the road ahead of me, but I know where I want to go; akin to me graduating from college. I think I've said every year for the last eight years that it's been quite a journey and I've been thankful to have people that have wanted to take that journey with me. It's been comforting to say the least. With all my insecurities, indecision and changes of path, I always know i have some place to come to.

So happy belated birthday Avalonstar. Hopefully you'll forgive me for missing it. :)

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