Spring Cleaning.

While Seattle is finally noticing that spring has arrived, albeit a month before summer starts, it’s time for some spring cleaning. As for me, I just got back from a 14-day, 3-city travel stint that has completely stolen the energy out of me. Thankfully, June will be a month of no travel and one of “hopefully” a lot more activity here at Avalonstar. Still so many things I need to do, and the recent WebVisions conference in Portland was a welcome wake-up call to the things I still need to get to!

So things I’ll be doing?

  • Consolidating my email accounts on Revyver’s Google Apps account.
  • Working on tweaks for Avalonstar (or 25.1).
  • Building the next revision of Django Plugables.
  • Yet another version of bryanveloso.com (the current one has grown old very quickly).
  • Starting on a few of those visual blog posts I’ve talked about.
  • Cleaning the damn house, and my damn desk. Yes, actual cleaning.
  • Finding a way to stop the damn dust from settling.