The Design Distortion.

For once in my career, I’m actually going to talk about the a design I did. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I usually just say I will and then forget after realizing how much work it would take to gather all the screenshots. But no more! With the power of ScreenFlow I shall finally bring to you a very casual walkthrough of the design behind Distortion.

It’s 30 minutes of me talking, Jen typing and the kitties even hiss! I think you can hear sirens as well, but just ignore that, my headset is a bit more sensitive than I had ever intended.

I strongly encourage you to watch this in fullscreen as I have spent my week’s Vimeo quota bringing this to you in lovely HD. I know I didn’t cover everything either, so as I’ll say in the video, make sure to email me or leave me comments! Wether or not I answer them in another video or write about it has yet to be decided.

But anyway, enjoy it! I’m pretty happy with it myself… and that’s rare. Here’s the direct link in case you’re looking for it. The video is a bit stretched only because I was completely blind to the fact that Vimeo needed 1280x720 (and the original is 1187x720) or higher in order to activate the HD feature (two really long uploading periods really drove that into my head). I might replace it, someday.

Update: Alright, for some reason, it won’t let me embed the damn thing in HD, so you’re going to have to go to Vimeo to be able to see it as I intended. o_O;