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The Web Framework for Ponies

As many of you know, DjangoCon came to a close yesterday. Long story short, one of my favorite conferences ever. The laughs, memories, connections and available knowledge -- endless. Soon, there'll be videos of all the talks for all to enjoy, but I couldn't help acting on one of my favorite talks of the first night, Cal Henderson's keynote on why he hates Django.

Cal Henderson on Why I hate Django?

In it, amongst other things, he talked about how Django needed a mascot. One that was awesome and had magical powers. Well, somewhere inside my head, I agreed. Since the pony seems to have much historical significance within the Django project, I give you the logo for "the web framework for ponies with magical powers." Django is now awesome.

The Framework for Ponies

Wilson, I expect the redesign tomorrow. ;)

Update: Now in green by popular demand!

The Framework for Green Ponies

Update 2: To my amazement there is now a website dedicated the lovable pony. Once I find out who made it, I'll be sure to talk to them about what my plan was for shirts. :)

Update 3: I think I found him.

Update 4: So the pony's magic didn't stay unexplained for long as investigators found out what really powers our beloved Django pony.

Update 5: Updated the post with the video of Cal's keynote. Watch it, now.

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