Twenty Twenty Two.

The issue. HTML5. Well, honestly it’s not an issue-issue. If you’ve read anything this past week (or if you’re just catching up like I have, damn naps), you’ve seen something like this regarding the “space-travel map” to HTML5.

Going to the moon, BRB

  • First W3C Working Draft in October 2007.
  • Last Call Working Draft in October 2009.
  • Call for contributions for the test suite in 2011.
  • Candidate Recommendation in 2012.
  • First draft of test suite in 2012.
  • Second draft of test suite in 2015.
  • Final version of test suite in 2019.
  • Reissued Last Call Working Draft in 2020.
  • Proposed Recommendation in 2022.

Two-thousand-twenty-two. That’s 14 years from now. Can any of us think that far? Wouldn’t our robot overlords, whether you welcome them or not, have taken over by then? Will the internet even matter then? I want to hear some raw thoughts on this, because honestly, I’m still laughing. Maybe we should start putting HTML5 into Little Einstein videos, so by the time our children are of age, they’ll be able to use this. :)