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With One Wish

If you've read (and hopefully got a giggle out of) my browser manifesto, you would have seen that I truly consider this to be a great time to be a designer. And after seeing the awesome commentary of the last entry, I wanted to pose a question that i hope spawns some more discussion.

If you could have one HTML5/CSS3 property or attribute added into every modern browser today, what would it be?

Usually at this point I'd make an excuse to post two things, but I'll play it clean and only state one. The first one that comes to mind is text-shadow.

When I talked about Distortion's design process a few weeks ago, I believe I mentioned that the shadow whoring you see before you was the result of adding a drop shadow to mock copy in the fifth prototype. Albeit a bit more subtle than some of the other design elements that make up this version (am I allowed to use the word subtle and "this version" in the same sentence?), it is one of my favorite parts. I'll look at Safari versus Firefox and frown like a sad panda because Firefox doesn't support text-shadow. All the bitmap elements have drop shadows, why shouldn't the text? (It also sort of bothers me that you can't add a shadow to the bullets of an unordered list, but that's just getting picky.)

So with that, what's your wish? :)

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