When I launched Distortion, it was launched with a little over 80 posts. For some reason I didn’t feel that a good 160 of them were relevant anymore. When I set off to create Redemption, I had changed my mind and I brought the posts back.

Even though I know of a few people that have taken the time to travel back in time to Avalonstar’s 19th version and 1st blog post, I know that everybody can’t be bothered to click all the way back. So, if you have three spare minutes, check out this screencast that’ll do the time traveling for you1.

  1. Once again, since I’m not willing, able, or rich enough at the current moment to spend the $60 for Vimeo Pro, I can only post a low resolution video here. I encourage you to head to the video’s page and watch the HD version of the video. :)