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1609 commits after I started development on Hello! Ranking, we're finally sitting at the point in every application's life when its owners let people start stepping through the doors for the first time. Tonight marks our private beta release--my legs are shaking, my nerves are high, but according to Steve... that's okay. :)

I've come to learn many things about myself "trying" to be a developer. One of those would be that I seem I talk to myself a lot in commit messages. The point of commit messages is usually to let others know what code you're changing and why.

So, when you're pretty much on your own, who reads those messages other than you? Yeah, exactly.

That said, I'd like to commemorate today by posting just a sliver of the conversations I have with myself in Hello! Ranking's Git repository--well, at least the more memorable (read: failure ridden) ones.

Oh, and as expected when things go wrong, expletives happen. You've been forewarned.

  • Mass debugging and fixing of stupid typos.
  • Fixing a minor error on the artist_detail template. Making the two list templates look awesome.
  • Flipping names for all the gaijin. :P
  • Adding some dummy views so the URLs won't cry.
  • Fixing another typo. Honestly have no idea how this happened.
  • Hopefully this is the final time I have to fix this.
  • THIS is the problem I hope I don't have to re-fix.
  • I say blah to test data. D:
  • Removed the slug field from the Story admin since it doesn't exist. D:
  • Damn typos. D:
  • I could swear I did the feeds.py stuff. I'll look at that later.
  • Forgot some things. D:
  • Forgot a comma. Geez.
  • Okay, seems like you can't have save_form() and save_model() coexisting if commit=False. Makes sense. I think.
  • Removing a comma.
  • Changing the range()... range.
  • Adding the required space in "Hello! Ranking."
  • I'm an idiot. I thought you had to chain order_by()s to get them to work. Hah.
  • We do not code in 1337-5p34k.
  • Forgot why I needed a README for a private project. :P
  • Let's make sure to GZip stuff, k? :)
  • LOTS of changes and fleshing out of admin-side things. Too many to count, so just look at the diff. :D
  • FINALLY fixed this stupid error with urlpatterns. Turns out I forgot "patterns" before the tuple. -_-;
  • This feels a little less... redundant.
  • Forgot a comma. Damnit. D:
  • Am I bored? All URL view calls are in quotes. Getting rid of all the unecessary imports. Watch me change this.
  • Silly trailing comma seems to ruin everything when it comes to JSON.
  • Stupidly subclassed a class that didn't exist.
  • Forgot a damn comma.
  • And.. why is this CleverCSS stuff still here?
  • Overhauling the navigation. Not done yet. I know I've done this before. :/
  • Making the managers more sane. D: What the hell was I doing?
  • PyFlakes cherry breaking.
  • De-stupified the groups application manager too. D:
  • ALL of these changes are thanks to PyFlakes. All inconsistencies have been repaired. Hopefully you won't see me going, "OH FUCK I FORGOT A COMMA," much anymore. :D
  • Removing esses.
  • Adding an email obfuscation templatetag for the awesome power of obfuscating emails. >_>
  • Massive DRY fail. D:
  • A case of "I should take my own advice." fail.
  • Choice? Who says we give users a choice? :P (Markup filters are now only bbCode and Markdown.)
  • Trying to do the impossible, merging the concepts of django-registration (with backends) and django-socialregistration. Things are crazy and awry. Much work to be done here. D:
  • Adding an admin file to accounts to get the app to shut up about it.
  • Things won't work if you name the URLs wrong. D:
  • Capitalizationizing.
  • Silly kwargs.
  • That's really outdated shit, man.
  • Updated H!R logo (read: bigger) and navigation sprite.
  • Doing some unholy wrapping with divs.
  • How did this get there? o_O
  • Made a whoopsie with the URL names.
  • New "little heart with plus sign" file. Replaces old "little heart with plus sign" file.
  • Funny, we don't even use feedfinder in the codebase.
  • Yeahhh... let's make sure to crop these large images. D:
  • Finally getting rid of the old stylesheet directory. Weights being lifted off of chests.
  • Syntax errrorrrz. D:
  • Renaming /comments/ to /replies/ for great justice.
  • MOAR syntax errorrz.
  • Moving /blogs/ to /topics/. If I don't want people to think the blogs are blogs, I shouldn't call them blogs. D:
  • Anal-comma-issues.
  • Apparently, registration wasn't in INSTALLED_APPS. o_O;
  • Baleteing old images.
  • Holy shit! Honest-to-god unit tests (for rankings)! And they pass too!
  • Forgot a period. That's a first.
  • Whoops. I only forgot the MAIN part of the new bulk-add/remove feature. :/
  • Moar verbage.
  • Renaming datetime.py to dateutils.py... since... it wasn't working.
  • So THIS is why I had "context['context']." I WROTE it like that. D: Ugh.
  • Gotta crop the minis.
  • The private-beta... or rather... just beta, home page. Finally this changes! :D (After like, a year and a half.)
  • Making the header not be pink.
  • The things I do to make sure whitespace is handled correctly. >_>
  • God damn I suck at typos.
  • HARK! The tests failed and I found a bug! Rejoice! o_O;

I plan to talk about Hello! Ranking in a manner that's a little less pointless... that is, if I survive this whole "beta" thing.

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