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Hello! Coda Slider

Happy New Year!

Let's start 2010 off right shall we? What better way to start it off than with some code! But first, a little filler.

There haven't been many times where I've had to do a good amount of work to make a script or a pluggable work the way I wanted it to during the development of Hello! Ranking. So far, there have only been two instances. The first was a melting pot of Facebook Connect and Twitter OAuth scripts in an attempt to get user authentication to work with James Bennett's django-registration. Took me two days to get that working.

Thankfully, the second one didn't take nearly as long. Niall Doherty has built an awesome jQuery script that mimics the panel behavior on Panic's Coda site--a pretty popular effect these days. Thinking outside of the box, my good friend Greg recommended that I used that script to handle a carousel on Hello! Ranking. It worked out of the box, but there were a few problems; the most glaring one being the fact that the script (as well as almost every other "carousel" type script out there) assumed that all the panels were the same size.

So with Steve's help, I was able to modify the script so that it would handle any size panel. Well, enough of my typing, here's a little video example I put together1.

You can grab the script at Github http://github.com/revyver/hello-coda-slider. Just remember that this is the first time I have ever dove this far into plugin code (which I'm sure is laughable) so I'm sure there could be a better way to go about this. Actually, if there is, feel free to fork and send me a pull request! That is what Github is for. ^_^

Hope you enjoyed that and your free "no-pixelization" preview of Hello! Ranking.

  1. Once again, since I'm not willing, able, or rich enough at the current moment to spend the $60 for Vimeo Pro, I can only post a low resolution video here. I encourage you to head to the video's page and watch the HD version of the video. :)
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