Mimeo and the Kleptopus' Ringtones.

It’s no surprise that I love Mimeo1. Everything about it, even in its work-in-progress state, hits numerous points of interest for me in my eternal love of the video game—a detailed environment, a monumental plot and most importantly, knee-jerk-reaction-inducing music.

Mimeoverse Woods

Rarely do I listen to a soundtrack out of context and immediately fall in love with it, but I guess that’s just the normal reaction to anything Shaun makes these days isn’t it? So when I was searching for some new 8-bit ringtones to rudely awaken me, I thought, why not have Mimeo wake me up? The buildups from 2-bit to 16-bit resolutions make the tracks perfect for waking people up.

So with Shaun’s blessing I made some quick iPhone ringtones. Unfortunately (and obviously… I guess) since since ringtones can only be 40 seconds long, the resolution changes every 8 beats. So below are the threefour tracks that Shaun has released thus far in .m4r format2.

Remember: right-click and save! If you have any problems, feel free to @reply me, but things should be pretty straightforward.

  1. If you haven’t heard of Mimeo, I suggest you read a little bit about it and watch the video at the bottom of Shaun’s post.
  2. I just realized that he also releasedKing“, so I’ll get to that one too since I have a gigantic weak spot for boss music.