I’m taking short break from your semi-regularly scheduled programming for this promotional message.

Avalonstar is closing in on its 10th year on the Internet and its always held a certain “standard,” for lack of a better word, of content. What started out as an extremely personal site turned more audience-focused when I started blogging on it in 2006. Since then it’s been really hard to justify other sorts of non-work, non-tutorial and just rambling types of posts. I know that many of my posts are just that, but they all fit in a sort of mold; they’re all about what you, the visitors, interact with on a weekly or even daily basis.

With that said, I’m trying this alternate blog thing, again. It’s a place where I’ll be talking about the other 75% of my interests: wrestling, game soundtracks, idols and J-pop, for instance. Most of them, will be quite weird to you. If you want to understand what we do at Revyver a bit more, then you should subscribe. Hell, if you’re at all interested, you should subscribe.

(Also if you were finding any of my radio posts interesting, I’ll be moving them over there too.)

I’ll be taking advantage of some of the other features Tumblr has to offer too, like questions. Depending on their subject matter though, they’ll either be answered there or they’ll find their way here.

Well, that’s that! Back to the serious stuff I should be writing anyway, eh? :)