Stuff Compensation.

I’m stepping lightly here. The very thought of doing this gave me nightmares of hordes of designers coming to kick my ass. But, I’ll keep calm and carry on, there are some upgrades that need to be made.

What is this all about really? Motivation. I don’t do much client work at all anymore considering the “change of direction” we started to make at Revyver, but when I worked for money, it was already spent before it even got here. I hated that feeling. I still do. Right now, could I use it? Of course I could. But that very statement should say to you that I’ve already spent it. Coming into a project with that mindset is not good for me and it’s not good for the client that I’d be working for. Fuses get shorter, tempers flare up faster—it’s pretty much a time bomb.

There’s a part of me that wants to do work for people, but not get wrapped up in the whole money business. So, my quick and probably naive solution is to replace the dollars—with stuff. I’ve placed my bets on the projects I’ve now spent over 24 months working on, so if you’re wondering about livelihood, it’s there, it’s committed, it’s on.

I realized in a conversation with Dan and Mark on Twitter that no amount of client work will ever replace this dying MacBook, or Jen’s dying Mac Mini—unless the payment is a replacement… or an iPad.

So that’s the way I’ll roll. If you have a project that you need done, let me know. I’ll look over the project like I have looked at every other one that has come in and see if it’s a good fit. If it’s not, I’ll send you to one of my awesome friends. If so, then the deposit will be stuff, and the final payment will be… stuff.