I’ve forgotten how it feels to write.

Blogging? Sure. I’ve done that. Find a topic, write a few well-thought out paragraphs, publish and then profit. I used to hold my own in that arena, but I felt better off leaving the blogging to those who had a passion for it. Passion as in the love of educating, entertaining and critically thinking. Thousands upon thousands of people can blog, do blog and blog extremely well.

One day, a long time ago, I just wrote about anything.

As time passed, I started to focus on a specific subject matter. The activity and its aftermath became riveting and exciting. I gained an audience. More time passed and the excitement transformed into obligation and then became a roadblock—the motivation and will to write, gone. Now here I am, attempting to rekindle something long lost as I seem to have come full circle.

Somehow, I’m confident this time around, because I know what I need to do:

Just write.