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Super Hybrid Robots

Last year, I presented the concept of J-pop to my colleagues of GitHub at my first summit. It was surprisingly well received. Since I missed a summit due to the wedding, I gave my second summit talk yesterday. When it came to this year's topic, as always, Jen was the catalyst that got me started—two weeks in advance.

Whew. I need to work on putting coherent sentences together, but at least the slides were pretty! ;) #ghsummit

— Bryan Veloso (@bryanveloso) January 18, 2012

Here's a quick preface.

The day I finished my first Django app, three or four years ago, my life changed. Up until then I was an interface designer who had a lot of ideas but never the foundation to go forward. Also, I feared it. But after that first successful app, I wanted to know the entire stack. So over the next few years I tried everything, from Cocoa to Puppet and now Redis and Rails. I followed what was interesting and what seemed fun at the time, even if it was a waste of time. So, I started to associate with the concept of a hybrid.

Oh yes, my presentation. I found a lot of parallels to two of the greatest series of platformers of all time, Mega Man and Mega Man X for the NES and SNES respectively. I talked a bit about Mega Man X last month, but I completely ran with it this time. As to not derail the deck, I'm quite happy to present "Super Hybrid Robots" below:

Finally, go be a fan! (o^_^)b

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