Logos of Times Gone By.

Archive.org did something right for once. It kept images of logos I did from Version 12 (ChaoticSoul) of Avalonstar, so I decided the world see something that I used to be able to do. Back in 2002, I was really big on making logos, so much so that I made 5 of those that you’ll see below in one day. (Man, I miss those days when inspiration really ran free.) I believed the streak came to an end when I finally decided on using the Phoenix logo for Avalonstar. Ever since then, I haven’t designed any logos because my style (and skill) doesn’t seem to fit the demands of today.

At any rate, here’s an image of all the logos I did (that didn’t fall victim to the fatal hard drive crash of 2003). Granted, I did these 4-6 years ago, so they’re not the best. ;) But I do still love a bunch of them.

Logos of my Past

From left-to-right in a zig-zag shape:

  • The Avalonstar Phoenix - The logo you all know and love today.
  • A Designer’s Life - I gave this one to a friend after I closed down my first blog.
  • 3 Point Stealth - A logo used for a once live Flash version of Avalonstar.
  • doubleLeaf - An experiment, inspired by Chris Dang formerly of Halo’vision.
  • 5 Point Star - Avalonstar logo that never saw the light of day.
  • Shadow - This was Avalonstar’s first real logo. Just a quick sketch really.
  • Jumping Star - I forgot when I used this.
  • Jumping Start 2 - I guess I added a box behind it.
  • Compass - I made this when Avalonstar turned 2.
  • NJFBLA.org - Just did this on a whim, I think they still use it over there.
  • Gravalix.com - I forgot what I wanted to do with this project… I think it was portfolio like.
  • Retrologo - Avalonstar… heh. Get it? A + star? Geez.. hard crowd.
  • Knights of the Ring - This was for one of the old online RPG guilds I was a part of.
  • illusion-x - Logo for a friend from somethingleet.com.
  • The NSO Oscars - Just like it sounds, a logo for an awards ceremony.
  • GreenStar - Concept, never used it.
  • StarSwift - When swooshes were cool, and I never did start that high school film company.
  • StarStruck - For another somethingleet.com friend. :)
  • X09Designs - Logo for my good friend Aaron Frey. He still uses it to my knowledge.
  • Abstraction - I don’t know… I was playing in Illustrator. It’s a bird.
  • JWUAMA - Just something simple for this chapter of the American Marketing Association.