The entry below is classified as a LEGACY post, meaning that it was written (well) before the current version of Avalonstar was released. Although these posts have survived the numerous moves over years, there is no guarantee that they've survived the trip unscathed (especially the links).

Logos of Times Gone By

Archive.org did something right for once. It kept images of logos I did from Version 12 (ChaoticSoul) of Avalonstar, so I decided the world see something that I used to be able to do. Back in 2002, I was really big on making logos, so much so that I made 5 of those that you'll see below in one day. (Man, I miss those days when inspiration really ran free.) I believed the streak came to an end when I finally decided on using the Phoenix logo for Avalonstar. Ever since then, I haven't designed any logos because my style (and skill) doesn't seem to fit the demands of today.

At any rate, here's an image of all the logos I did (that didn't fall victim to the fatal hard drive crash of 2003). Granted, I did these 4-6 years ago, so they're not the best. ;) But I do still love a bunch of them.

Logos of my Past

From left-to-right in a zig-zag shape:

  • The Avalonstar Phoenix - The logo you all know and love today.
  • A Designer's Life - I gave this one to a friend after I closed down my first blog.
  • 3 Point Stealth - A logo used for a once live Flash version of Avalonstar.
  • doubleLeaf - An experiment, inspired by Chris Dang formerly of Halo'vision.
  • 5 Point Star - Avalonstar logo that never saw the light of day.
  • Shadow - This was Avalonstar's first real logo. Just a quick sketch really.
  • Jumping Star - I forgot when I used this.
  • Jumping Start 2 - I guess I added a box behind it.
  • Compass - I made this when Avalonstar turned 2.
  • NJFBLA.org - Just did this on a whim, I think they still use it over there.
  • Gravalix.com - I forgot what I wanted to do with this project... I think it was portfolio like.
  • Retrologo - Avalonstar... heh. Get it? A + star? Geez.. hard crowd.
  • Knights of the Ring - This was for one of the old online RPG guilds I was a part of.
  • illusion-x - Logo for a friend from somethingleet.com.
  • The NSO Oscars - Just like it sounds, a logo for an awards ceremony.
  • GreenStar - Concept, never used it.
  • StarSwift - When swooshes were cool, and I never did start that high school film company.
  • StarStruck - For another somethingleet.com friend. :)
  • X09Designs - Logo for my good friend Aaron Frey. He still uses it to my knowledge.
  • Abstraction - I don't know... I was playing in Illustrator. It's a bird.
  • JWUAMA - Just something simple for this chapter of the American Marketing Association.
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