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Revyver to be Acquired

You're never prepared to write things like this. Today the announcement has finally hit the airwaves. SpectrumDNA, the company from Park City, Utah is acquiring Revyver.

Needless to say, both Jen and I are ecstatic. If you've been following the story thus far, you'll have a good sense of what I was trying to mold Revyver into. For those that don't, our goal was to create an environment where Jen and I could focus our energies on making products for people in markets close to our hearts. When I started Revyver two years ago, I never would have planned a path like this. I'm sure if everything stayed constant, I wouldn't have failed at freelancing. But going through it all I've realized that the risks, the hard times, were worth it. Gotta love hindsight.

Revyver and Spectrum have already proven themselves to be an awesome pair through the Addictionary project. My role will continue with them as a creative director (not just in title this time :O). I've been working with them as they've cut deals with Comedy Central's Indecision 2008 with their Political Addictionary and NBC's The Office with their Office Addictionary. Beyond that, time can only tell.

What changes? Nothing. Although Revyver will become a "label" of SpectrumDNA--which speaks to Jim's history in the entertainment industry--we will continue to operate and market ourselves as the same company you've come to know--and hopefully--love. Revyver will stay Revyver. Only now, we have quite a growing force behind us.

We hope you share in our excitement, even though it'll be brief. Work be damned! That said, we have some awesome things in store on both the Revyver and Spectrum ends. I know I still lack a comment form, but if you'd like to ask us anything please send me an email at bryanatrevyverdotcom or you can leave us a note at our super hot Get Satisfaction hub. :)

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